Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Is “Going Smoothly”

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Development of the forthcoming Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney for the Nintendo 3DS is apparently going very smoothly indeed. Work on the game is currently at its final stages – which means that a Japanese release for the game shouldn’t be too far off. Shu Takumi, the main developer of the core Ace Attorney series, just asks fans to continue being patient.

“Production on Layton vs Ace Attorney is at its climax. It’s like my entire life is focused on it. While I still can’t say much, it’s progressing well, so please wait a bit more.”

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My Tumblr Account

My Tumblr Account

I’m not yet that familiar with this site so I’m sharing my tumblr. I managed this tumblr account ever since I was in 3rd year high school, so there’s a big possibility to see some immaturity and stuff.

Right now it’s like a Korean blog hahaha but not really. Just some pic spam of my favorite groups. (or I mean A LOT OF PIC SPAM).

If you’re a Kpopper, let’s spazz together!!!

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It looks like today is my first time to write a post in this blog…

Okay, here goes.

Well, we just came back to Manila this morning after 4 days of staying in Bulacan, that’s where we live. My life as a student is now back to normal.

By the way, we have our swimming class today but really, I just don’t feel that good. Last night I had a problem sleeping because of this “colds” that made me suffer A LOT of sleepless nights! Plus the asthma that has always been with me ever since I was born in this planet. Sometimes, I can’t help but pity myself when it comes to health.

I did nothing but rest this previous “long weekend”, as they call it. Still, I feel like it didn’t even help. Maybe I just need more days to rest, you know. I get tired easily and it’s a very big disadvantage!

PS: To Cherry and Elaine, I’m sorry if I’m always like this. If only I can get any better and be as energetic as the both of you.

PS(2): Since this is my very first senseless post, I’M GONNA UPDATE EVERYDAY for the sake of catching up with the target number of posts for this semester (LOL)



*Prv 28:25 – He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat