The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye

I’m crazy about re-reading this book by J.D. Salinger.
When we were in 3rd year high school we read this book. Actually, I miss those activities that we do as high school students.
What I miss the most? Reading books, books like this I mean. Those books that contain a very hidden treasure within them. They are so precious and everything.
After reading this, I’m planning to look for another amazing book.
I’m planning to read Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare but seriously, it doesn’t have a narrative version. It’s a play, I mean. I want one that is written in a story-like style. You know what I mean?


Precious Friends

It’s Wednesday, another day for swimming.

Right now I can feel a variety of emotions.

I am sort of sad, I kinda like hated myself, but not too much. It’s because I can’t do the breast stroke right anymore. What hurts the most is that our professor said something that really bothered me, I’m not gonna say it anyway. That’s what I hate, hearing things that will bother me to death. It keeps me thinking and all, making me feel frustrated.

I may be a tad sad but I am more happy for today. It’s a shame but this very day, September 5, is when I learned how to do the backstroke. It’s a shame because I should have learned it the day it was taught. The happiest thing is that Cherry and Elaine taught me how to do it! Yehey! It made me love my friends more. I got too excited a while ago and I promised to treat them this coming Friday. It’s fine though. If not for them, I’ll forever be a weakling not able to do the backstroke.

Seems like my best friends Cherry and Elaine are the protagonist of this day. Haha. Thank you~