The “Breast Stroke”

Our swimming class is over for today.
It came out not as I expected it to be.

I told you our friends will be joining us, right? It was fine at first, but until we went to our warm-up swimming exercise, they seem unhappy.
I think they don’t like the venue, or maybe they don’t like a crowded pool.

So, about the swimming lesson.
We get to learn the Breast Stroke! (as you can see, it’s the title)
It was fun because I’ve never experienced trying this stroke. We first learned the Frog Kick, which is a very awkward kick, really. (maybe you don’t need to know how it goes, if ever you’re not aware of it)
For the record, it looks like our professor is in a good mood. He said almost a dozen of jokes  a while ago.

By the way, why am I receiving too much attention today? (O_O)
It’s just weird. They were all like 😀 and everything. (O_O)

This is the end.



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