It looks like today is my first time to write a post in this blog…

Okay, here goes.

Well, we just came back to Manila this morning after 4 days of staying in Bulacan, that’s where we live. My life as a student is now back to normal.

By the way, we have our swimming class today but really, I just don’t feel that good. Last night I had a problem sleeping because of this “colds” that made me suffer A LOT of sleepless nights! Plus the asthma that has always been with me ever since I was born in this planet. Sometimes, I can’t help but pity myself when it comes to health.

I did nothing but rest this previous “long weekend”, as they call it. Still, I feel like it didn’t even help. Maybe I just need more days to rest, you know. I get tired easily and it’s a very big disadvantage!

PS: To Cherry and Elaine, I’m sorry if I’m always like this. If only I can get any better and be as energetic as the both of you.

PS(2): Since this is my very first senseless post, I’M GONNA UPDATE EVERYDAY for the sake of catching up with the target number of posts for this semester (LOL)



*Prv 28:25 – He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat


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