The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye

I’m crazy about re-reading this book by J.D. Salinger.
When we were in 3rd year high school we read this book. Actually, I miss those activities that we do as high school students.
What I miss the most? Reading books, books like this I mean. Those books that contain a very hidden treasure within them. They are so precious and everything.
After reading this, I’m planning to look for another amazing book.
I’m planning to read Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare but seriously, it doesn’t have a narrative version. It’s a play, I mean. I want one that is written in a story-like style. You know what I mean?


Precious Friends

It’s Wednesday, another day for swimming.

Right now I can feel a variety of emotions.

I am sort of sad, I kinda like hated myself, but not too much. It’s because I can’t do the breast stroke right anymore. What hurts the most is that our professor said something that really bothered me, I’m not gonna say it anyway. That’s what I hate, hearing things that will bother me to death. It keeps me thinking and all, making me feel frustrated.

I may be a tad sad but I am more happy for today. It’s a shame but this very day, September 5, is when I learned how to do the backstroke. It’s a shame because I should have learned it the day it was taught. The happiest thing is that Cherry and Elaine taught me how to do it! Yehey! It made me love my friends more. I got too excited a while ago and I promised to treat them this coming Friday. It’s fine though. If not for them, I’ll forever be a weakling not able to do the backstroke.

Seems like my best friends Cherry and Elaine are the protagonist of this day. Haha. Thank you~


The “Breast Stroke”

Our swimming class is over for today.
It came out not as I expected it to be.

I told you our friends will be joining us, right? It was fine at first, but until we went to our warm-up swimming exercise, they seem unhappy.
I think they don’t like the venue, or maybe they don’t like a crowded pool.

So, about the swimming lesson.
We get to learn the Breast Stroke! (as you can see, it’s the title)
It was fun because I’ve never experienced trying this stroke. We first learned the Frog Kick, which is a very awkward kick, really. (maybe you don’t need to know how it goes, if ever you’re not aware of it)
For the record, it looks like our professor is in a good mood. He said almost a dozen of jokes  a while ago.

By the way, why am I receiving too much attention today? (O_O)
It’s just weird. They were all like 😀 and everything. (O_O)

This is the end.



Another Wednesday means SWIMMING DAY!

Today will be extra special because our friends ate Melanie and ate Bea will be joining us! They’re not a part of the swimming class, but I think they’re just in the mood for a swim. Good thing we are attending a swimming class and that means they can join us. 😀

Actually, I had thought about not going today. Too bad I am out of absences in this class. (Boohoo)
Good thing I got inspired by The Little Mermaid and now my heart beats fast because of excitement! I just wish I’m a little more gifted in swimming, but that’s all right, as long as I can swim even the most basic of all the strokes.

Looks like I got in the mood for blogging today. It’s nice to think that I blogged for two consecutive days! Yehey! Hooray for me!

So, maybe I’ll be back this Friday. Tomorrow I’ll go home 6pm and that means no time for blogging. Too sad.

I should not pressure myself!


The Little Mermaid

Right now, I’m searching everything about The Little Mermaid. Out of curiosity.

I realized that the movie version by Disney and the original book by Hans Christian Andersen are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from one another.

It’s just so interesting that I can’t get enough. I felt so lonely about the plot in the original book, though.

Have you watched “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox”? It’s a Korean drama, with a plot similar to the original story of The Little Mermaid.
Now I know why the protagonist in the drama seemed to be interested in knowing the story of The Little Mermaid…

I can say that this masterpiece by Hans Christian Andersen is considered as one of the best stories ever made!!! (Well, for me, it is)


Please don’t mind the PS from my first post. (O_O)

It seems like I forgot to fulfill that thing about having a blog post everyday! So now I learned my lesson, I shouldn’t keep on making promises or PS-es from now on. (O_O)

The past few days were so amazingly awesome!!! Thanks to my friends. I was so happy that I woke up last Saturday with a stiff neck (maybe due to too much watching of movies while sitting on the floor), but who cares, at least I had one of the best days in my college life!!! (Like SERIOUSLY!!!)

Being an irregular student is fun, if I do say so myself. We get to meet different people/classmates in every class. The best part is that we got the chance to gain new friends, what’s fascinating about it is that our new friends are actually from the higher year.

I think this post is frustrating. (@_@)

By the way, last Thursday we had our midterm exam in Rhetoric. It was so scary because I know that I ALWAYS turn into a nervous wreck whenever I am asked to speak in front of a large crowd.
I’m thankful that I answered the question picked. Finally, I thought.

Well that’s all for today! Not that interesting, eh?